Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Basketball and Candy

Sunday afternoon we went to the T-wolves/Suns game on the tickets we got while attending Klund Jr.'s Target exposition game.  It was a very good game if you like watching your team turn a 20 point lead into a 7 point loss.  Not that I think my wife or daughter minded.  Eryn is more concerned about the food available and my wife likes to hang at the game with friends.  I'm not above being accused of not focusing fully on the game.  I took pictures of friends and walked a loop around the arena to get some exercise and see if there were any more coworkers around.  I found one architect at the game and one in a nearby store shortly after the game who had also been in attendance.

Eryn learned about Candyland.  When I was a kid, my mother parked next to Candyland almost every time we went to downtown Minneapolis, which wasn't all the infrequently.

In keeping with my collection of blurry pictures, here she is turning her head to look at all the candy so often I can't focus.

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