Saturday, March 22, 2014

Acting Class

Eryn's acting class is closing in on being over.  She's been at the Children's Theater Company taking a Percy Jackson-based class.  They've been learning to deliver monologues and lines from the book.  It's aimed at 3-5th graders, so I think it may be a bit on the young side for her, but a good way to get her toes wet.  The next class is aimed at 6-8th graders and focuses on tools of acting, so she's going to have to buckle down a bit.  If she's serious about acting, then by next summer (not the upcoming one, 2015) she should be capable of auditioning.

Thursday lessons have been a good daddy-daughter time.  I get out of work an hour early (dubious - it's still after 8.5 hours - it's just not keeping to "core hours") to pick her up at school, catch a Slim 5 at Jimmy John's sandwiches, and then get to the MIA to hang for a little while over a cup of coffee before class.  I get a lot of reading done while she's in class, at least when the other parents aren't snoring loudly in the parents' lounge.

During one class, they took them all backstage to see how they handle getting people around, accommodating live music, raising parts of the stage, etc.

I spent the time wandering around taking some photos.  If you've been back stage once, you've been backstage a million times.  I'm not sure a professional would agree - but I don't have the background to appreciate the subtleties.  Still, a much better rope setup than in my high school.

How to act like a toy solider.  Just try to find a class that has that sort of versatility.

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