Monday, March 24, 2014

A musical week in review - middle school band concert and The Sudden Lovelys

Thursday was Eryn's band concert.  She was one of four oboes.  For their section solo, they put on purple leis.  We sat next to Diane (Jenny's mom) and her family and talked about Minecraft and programming.  My poor wife was in the midst of a geek convo.

I couldn't get a good picture of her from where I was sitting, but here she is.  It's obvious she's playing an oboe at least.  She's been growing her hair out.  I'm not sure how she can even see the music.

Wednesday night we went to see The Sudden Lovelys (Danny and Paige) at Dusty's for a pre-release show of their CD release, Brave and Alive.  I wish we could have been at the Icehouse official release Saturday night, but it's a bit late for Eryn and we like to take her along because she likes them so much.

Dusty's was where they played together for the first time and it was certainly an intimate setting.
There's no zoom on this photo and I was eating an egg-topped dago and fries during their set.  The news songs are great with the studio recording and today I finally got to hear them on a device that wasn't couple to built in computer speakers.  The Kickstarter-backed studio recording makes a real difference in the quality of the sound.

If you haven't caught their video for Gone is Time, here it is.  And go support some local artists and buy Brave and Alive (and their other albums).

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