Tuesday, February 18, 2014

War for the Oaks - the Trailer

Emma Bull's War for the Oaks has long been one of my favorite books.  I'm reading a Steven Brust book at the moment that refers to a song by the Flash Girls which is a direct reference to Emma.  I knew there was sort of a home-made trailer out there with her in it directed by Will Shetterly (here an alt on YouTube) for a possible treatment as a movie, but I'd never actually laid eyes on it, until now.

The 80's weren't kind to film.  Just not at all.  This is so not what was in my head while I was reading the book.  Although a certain props for filming the only fight scene I've ever seen staged at the Como Park Conservatory (about 2:58 in the YouTube copy).  I was just there last week to watch The Sudden Lovelys sing.  Fortunately there was no Seely/Unseely Court gang fight going on then, just lots of good aggressive folk music to encourage the plants to grow.

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