Sunday, February 09, 2014

Things I've Been Reading

Not books - links.  I'll get to a book.  I read over 3000 pages in January.  That's a pace twice my fastest reading rate of the last 20 years.  I warned Mean Mr. Mustard not to read Mira Grant's Parasite.  I'll dig into that a bit more soon.

  • Three Fitness Tests You Should Be Able to Pass: via Fox. Plank, Sit and Rise, and Height to Waist.  That's a nice short list and rougher than you'd expect as you get older.
  • 10 Ways to Burn Fat (Men's Health): I'm sorry about the left/right slider.  I hate sliders.  But it's a good summary of the major points.  Lots of water.  Move every day.  Eat breakfast.
  • 7 Chord Progressions That Work All the Time: for those of us who know just enough guitar that we don't really want to spend time learning more.
  • R.Crumb Illustrates Philip K. Dick: I didn't know he'd done this - neat.  Not the scifi stories, but the crazy bits later in Philip K. Dick's life.  My prof from Hamline wrote a biography of Dick and he mentioned in class how he got to see the religious writings that were a huge stack.

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