Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Dictator's Guide To Urban Design

A fascinating article   I find the comments despairing that America has it equally bad with a suburban layout to be rather strange.  Suburbia is historically driven by economic and social (including discriminatory) reasons, not by plutocrats and fascists controlling our ability to gather.  And it's not that difficult to gather (30,000 of us on RAGBRAI) and it's not even that difficult to live close to work.  You have to be willing and it may come with a cost, but you can certainly make that decision and many of the current generation are doing exactly that.

Reminds me of Kyle asking about the Lego movie and whether it was a dystopia.  Lots of soaring buildings.  Walled off access to other Lego "lands".  All sorts of physical barriers right down to how the Legos are allowed to be put together.  Watch the movie and look for the town square...

"...a way for autocrats to squash dissent through urban design."

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