Monday, January 20, 2014

A Filler Post Before I Get Back to Business As Usual

As I mentioned elsewhere, a week of reviews totally threw me off my game.  I realize it couldn't have been too bad if I finished three books, attended an all-day conference (and had dinner at Chipotle with the Ohio State hockey team, who was playing Minnesota in the first outdoor hockey game in forever the very next day at TCF Stadium), finally defeated the dragon Eryn and I had been gunning for (swording for?) in the Pathfinder adventure game, and went to the Walk Off the Earth gig at the Varsity.  But still - any time where I wasn't doing those  I'll play catch up during the week.  Unlike my usual moaning about everything I read is getting worse and worse, I've enjoyed a few of the books I've recently read.  I texted Mean Mr. Mustard about one of them, but I don't think it was actually his phone.

Eryn and I had a discussion on the way to coffee this morning (I achieved the upgrade of my phone to iOS 7.x - why the hell do I have to free up 3.8 gigs of space in this era?), and after mentioning a few horror movies, I told her I was going to pitch the following series, to which I know claim copyright:
  • Manatee-d Off
  • Madatee: Manatee-d Off 2
  • Murdertee: You only thought he was Mad before.  Manatee-d Off 3
  • Mass Murdertee: It's Time for Genocide  [a prequel which explains why the Mantee is so teed off in the first place]
I may have to go with a Troll 2 riff as manatees are vegetarian and eat seaweed.  They'll have to turn their victims into seaweed first.  That, or a scientist has been breeding them with sharks for the Navy.

And...if those all make it through the pipeline, we'll have to mash up.  These aren't nearly as good as Murdertee.  I'll have to work them over with a focus group - perhaps these are more of an anti-list of what not to use to promote the Manatee franchise:
  • Manatornado - I know.  Confusing.  About manatees, or about biblical events?
  • Manatidal Wave - same issue.
  • Great White Sharkatee - sharkatee sounds like some sort of sleeveless t-shirt
  • Shemanatee - I don't know where to go with that one at all, but it could involve the mythology of manatees being mistaken for mermaids.  Sort of a Plankton vibe.

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