Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bike Gear

I got a bunch of bicycling-related items for my birthday and for the holidays.  Kristine sent me this cool luggage tag.  I have a bottle opener, a snake sculpture, and other things made from bicycle chains.  But a luggage tag was new.

Kyle gave me a wall clock for my birthday.  I have a stand-alone gear clock at work, although it's not nearly as shiny.  I'm excited about this one.  It's going to replace the $1 plastic clock my teammates put on my wall so they could be sure our 1-1s weren't going over the 30 minute mark.  I was going to give the plastic wall clock to another manager, but my wife had a nice wall clock here she was going to give to Good Will.  So he'll get that and the plastic clock can find it's way to a manager I don't like as much.

Ming got me this cool porn camera to wear on my head.  But it didn't come with the mandatory SD chip necessary to make it work.  So I've been hanging onto it while I waited to order enough Christmas swag that I wouldn't have to pay shipping.  Now that the Christmas presents are here, I'm good to go.  I'll be streaming Ming feeds of everything I do.  It'll be creepiest when he notices I'm in his house or talking to his mother in law.

This trading card of Graham Bergh is the most confusing present I received.  Kristine sent it to me with the luggage tag.  I don't know what it is about me that makes her think I need trading cards featuring Seattle-esque entrepreneurs.  Maybe I can trade it for a Lance Armstrong card or one featuring the founder of Surly bikes.  Maybe I'll just put a 3/1 on it and pretend it's a Magic the Gathering card.

If you need your own chain luggage tag, the back of Graham's card tells you how to go about procuring one.

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