Monday, November 25, 2013

And yet more deconstruction...

My folks will appreciate this.  It's the garage at the rental property.  I spent a large part of my weekend moving construction material - ruined kitchen cabinets, toilets, trash, yard waste - into a 30 cubic yard dumpster.  It's currently close to full.  The dirt and liter on the floor alone filled a trash bag.

One of the things that went.  I told my brother we should just mount it there in the shower.  Claim there was only a bathroom and a half in the house, not two.  As long as you had the lid up and flushed quite a bit, you could make it work and cut your time in half in the morning (if you have a consistent schedule).

The linoleum on the left is peel and stick my brother ran across the whole floor, over the top of the white linoleum with what seemed to be cigarette burn marks in it.  Given it was a no-smoking property, I'm sure I would have been informed they were incense burn marks, not cigarettes.  Not that the difference in any way fixes the melted holes in the floor.  With all the brown linoleum in place, it looks very nice.  It's my job to fix that vanity on the left.

Something that's not from the rental property.  That's the upstairs bedroom at our house.  What used to be my daughter's room and will be the guest room.  Or the computer room and the computer room will become the guest room.  I'm not sure which.  I'd rather the guest room wasn't next to my bedroom.  Not because I get busy all the time, but because the guests might and I don't want to be on the other side of the wall.   Heck, I don't want to be on the other side of the wall when they make noise because they're going to bed late and wandering up from the family room. Downstairs they can go gangbusters.

I tried to take the loft apart with a wrench and wrench, a wrench and pliers, a wrench and hammer, and a sawzall.  In each case, it just sat there.  Held together by 1/8" thick layer of paint that went right over the bolts and screws and welded the boards together.  The wrench+wrench effort took almost an hour just to get bolts loosened enough that I could use the sawzall on them.  So I called my father-in-law to make sure he was ok with me destroying his work and after, affirmation, took a sledge hammer to the structure.  Not that I have any place to put a giant pile of wood.  If I did, I'd get rid of the rest of the wood in the back, the entertainment center in the garage, and the big pile of nail-riddled 4x4 ramp wood along the side of the house (and old dog cage).  Time to order a TUBS and see how carefully I can fill it with what's starting to be a backlog of my own construction waste.  Better do that tomorrow if I want it all gone for Thanksgiving.

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