Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Orlando 2013 - Universal Studios (Not the Islands of Adventures Side)

We spent two days at Universal.  One at Islands of Adventure.  One on the studio side.  Grandpa and Grandma went with us and rode the roller coasters, the Simpson's ride, the Men in Black ride, the Transformers ride, the movie-making Disaster ride, the Shrek Ride, and more.

They updated the Simpson's area since the last time we'd been there to make it much more like Springfield.  I wonder if they have tap a computer screen and spend digital donuts to expand the place.  Here's my wife with Lard Lad.  I should have bought her a big donut to complete the picture.  There was an oversized Lard Lad mug I was going to get and then passed on, thinking I'd find it at the exit shop.  But apparently it was the only piece of merchandise not sold and resold and resold at all the various stores.  I talked to a guy on the way out about his giant Lard Lad donut and told him about Kyle's nephew's birthday donuts.

Eryn and my wife with Chief Wiggum.  I saw lots of folks pretending to eat his donut and drink his coffee.  I didnt' see anyone pretending to pee on his hydrant.

My wife was a good sport about posing next to Jebediah.

Mmm....Krusty Burger.  I don't know who that guy is or why he's point to the sky.

From the Simpson's ride.  My wife's favorite.  Grandpa and Grandma seemed very amused.  Enough so that Grandma went on the ride again.

In the line for the Simpson's.  Note, yet another Doctor Who related shirt.  A Disney themed one she didn't wear to Disneyworld.

At Moe's.  Barney is in the bar.  A Flaming Moe looks like Kool Aid with dry ice.  One of the workers tried to boot me from our table.  I told his boss on him.  Entirely appropriate as she put us at the table.

The Jaws ride was shut down while they're redoing that area of the park.  But Jaws himself is still hanging from the hook.  I suppose that would be not-Jaws.  The shark they thought was Jaws until people kept getting et.

The other side of the park.

You can't see it as well in the panorama, but the new ride was the Transformers ride.  It took forever to get through the line, partially because there was a temporary hold up, and partially because there were two spasmodic children running around for over an hour.  It was pretty cool as far as rides go, transitioning between video and mechanical.  Pretty convincing when things slam on the hood of your car and you bounce around.  The Mummy ride is similar, but not as cool.  Last time that one scared Eryn, but this time she was willing to go twice.

And she finally got to ride the Rocket!  That was the roller coaster she missed last time because we went to the Terminator presentation, which was incredibly lame, and the park closed an hour early for a corporate event.  This time she went three or four times.  I was on two of them.  The loud music does a nice job of distracting you from the fact that you're going straight up at the start.

Hipster shot!  I think it was an accident.  Reminds me it was incredibly hot.  I ate my Minion bar - chocolate and banana bits - very quickly to avoid getting chocolate everywhere.  It was pretty tasty for something named a Minion Bar that was based on Despicable Me.  That was probably the only ride we didn't go on that would have been fun, the Despicable Me ride.  The lines never went below 90 minutes. I suspect it's new enough that it gets an extra share of the locals.  Or maybe it gets more kids because of the older kid nature of many of the other rides.

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