Saturday, September 14, 2013

Idolatrous Cow!

After breakfast at Junior's this morning, we stopped at the nearby thrift store  Not only did I find this cow to worship, I found him on a day when they were giving a 50% discount, so he cost $0.75.  He's my new white elephant gift, so my wife's side of the family should beware the upcoming holiday season.  He has holes in his feet, so I'm not sure that he has any real purpose other than an object d'art.  It could be argued he's a glorified pacifier holder, but the pacifier doesn't seem to come out and I don't want to ruin him.  My father in law should take note - I think there's a potential market in various colored ceramic cows with varying styles of pacifiers in their mouths. I haven't seen anything like that at Art Crawl yet.

We also found a nice jewelry box for Eryn, despite the fact that it plays The Entertainer, which gives her a headache, a new water bowl for the cat, and a fully functional multi-purpose water gun/plane launcher/dart launcher/ball launcher (with balls the incorrect size)/paint gun, with paint pellets.  All for $8.00 after discount.  And I learned where to go if I ever need a heavy duty wood desk and don't want to buy a piece of throw away from Target.

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