Sunday, September 08, 2013


It was a bit longer of a day than I expected on the bicycle.  This is the only picture I took of the St. Paul Bike Classic, despite doing parts of it twice.  After breakfast at The St. Clair Broiler, I biked up to Dan'l house and saw the last two riders as they passed close to Como Lake, a cop car behind them with its trunk up picking up things.  Then later as I biked home, I passed all the signs, and I was clearly the last person on the route.

So 11.5 miles to the ride.  32 miles on the ride.  11 miles round trip to Dan's.  11.5 miles home.  10 miles of various riding by taking a longer route home around the fairgrounds and getting lost up around Larpenteur and Victoria.  And a mile to the grocery store and back to buy Eryn a good selection of junk food.

Kyle brought her a refurbed Goodwill bike last night before her singing and guitar gig over at Ring Mountain (they paid her in free ice cream, and I scored a leftover quart of Chocolate Chili Pepper someone hadn't claimed), so she rode that over to Cub to try it out.  She likes it, although she's not fond of the slippery seat.  We may try swapping it out with the big seat I used on my old mountain bike.  I gave Kyle the wheels off it last night.  I'm going to just keep stripping down parts for reuse until the only thing left is the broken frame.

Larry, Ming, Alan, and Bjorne all went on the Classic.  Not as a big of a group as we've had in the past, but a good size for a quick ride.

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