Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spinning the Oldies

Kyle recently brought over some speakers to accompany the record player he brought over so I can play the records I bought at Goodwill.  It occurs to me that I should edit these photos to ignore the table cloth and take advantage of the nice square nature of the album covers.  Then it occurs to me I did, but the iPhone seems to ignore my cropping when it uploads my pictures.  So perhaps I need to do the cropping within Flickr (creating fewer copies lying around because my phone dumps straight to Flickr).  In addition to the Sudden Lovelys albums we already had, these are my first four acquisitions:

The Obernkirchen Children's Choir.  My wife mocked this one, and then admitted it was pretty after hearing it play.

Here they are on YouTube singing for the Mickey Mouse Club.

And here they are in 2011, still in existence, singing Rossini.  This video will go along nicely with any pictures from Epcot I post later.

The Roger Wagner Chorale Folk Songs of the Old World.  What got me to buy it was Vol. 1 British Isles in the corner.  However, not nearly as exciting as I'd hoped despite the happy troubadour on the cover.

Also plenty alive on YouTube if you search.

My favorite find of the trip, Dueling Banjos from Deliverance.  I like the record impression visible within the album cover.

You can watch the video on YouTube which is cool. Sorry about the commercial.

And The Dean Martin Christmas Album, which will hopefully replace some of the Christmas music I'm subjected to during the holiday season.  I like Dean Martin's Christmas music.  Always have.  It's very relaxing.

On this particular YouTube video, you're not allowed to relax, because there are all sorts of sexy pictures of Scarlett Johansson.  Scarlett Johansson did not come with my Goodwill album.

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