Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodwill Saturday

I feel like I deserve some sort of prize for getting this home from Goodwill today.  My eyes were bigger than my bike trailer and it didn't fit at all.  So I packed up the pieces, some albums, and a glass cat candle holder for my wife (matched one she got about 20 years ago, which was a neat find) n the trailer, and carried this game set almost 5 miles home holding on to it in the wind, uphill, all the way.  For all practical purposes I was riding a fixie.  If that fixie had an airplane wing.  Shifting was impossible.  Breaking was tricky.  But I made it.

My grandpa Don and grandma Madeline had one of these boards when I was a kid.  They kept it in the old homestead house and I used to go in there, make up games, and play them obsessively.  One of my first forays into statistics was keeping all sorts of counts about how many rings I sank and what color and what pocket, leading to an overall winner (color) at the end of the summer.

I thought Eryn might really like a game board where she could make up her own rules if she felt like it, so I didn't want to pass up the opportunity and come back to find it gone.  After getting it home I played with it for a while.  Sinking a ring on that center hole is way more difficult than I remember it being as a kid.

My album purchases today.  Kyle will find this one amusing.  If You Love Me Let Me Know by Olivia Newton John.  It's not the one with Jolene which my wife would have preferred.  But very country, pre-rock Olivia.  They did have an album of her's there I didn't recognize that was in that post-Physical era where she was trying to recapture the Physical and Grease heydays.  That whole Two of  Kind time.

A Children's Introduction to a (not the) World of Good Music.  Sugar Plum Fairies.  Toys in Toyland.  And more.

Ray Conniff's 'S Awful Nice.  I bought this because of the album cover.  I should hang it on my wall.

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