Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Seldom Used Firepit is now a Fairy Garden

I'm still dismantling the wheelchair ramp, cutting apart those nail-ridden 2x4s three at a time so I don't fill up my trash.  I'd save them for a dumpster, but I think I'll be filling up the dumpster with shed wood, deck wood, and shed shingles, so I'm hedging my bets on available disposal space.  To mix it up a bit today, I mowed and killed wasps and cleaned garage and shopped for a tent and did laundry and washed dishes and packed for RAGBRAI between sawing.  In case you can't tell, I'm not very fond of sawing.  I'm not very fond of any of those things, so busting them all into bite-sized portions helps.

During mowing, I had to move the portable fire pit out of the way to mow under it.  Upon lifting the mesh lid, I realized it's been a while since we had a fire.

The photos of the little plants are sort of nice.  It looks like one of those fairy gardens people make, except mine didn't take any effort, only neglect.

I did not put that rock there.  It was already there.  I'm not sure who was trying to cook a rock.

And while I'm at it, a few of my wife's flowers I didn't catch last time.

They look nicer from this angle.  Our neighbors have a huge garden of flowers that includes these same kind.  It's beautiful.  But I don't really want to engage in neighborly appropriation of their flower assets for my pictures.

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