Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Last night I went to Fogo de Chao with Kyle, Dwain, Katie, and Chris while Chris was in town.  If you  haven't been, the idea is that you have a coaster with a red side and a green side, the green side indicating you'd like to be served much more meat, the red side indicating you need to rest.  I don't think I overdid it, but it was still more red meat than I've eaten in years.  I did not sleep very well at all after that, and I have no idea whatsoever about how to record it in FatSecret.  I think if I was going to eat that much meat again, I'd prefer to go to someplace with specialty burgers or hot dogs.

It was nice that we could hang for over three hours without being harassed.

And it surprised me to see all the high school kids there.  Who sends their kid off to a $75 meal dressed in casual school clothes?  I'm hoping Eryn prefers the all you can eat pancake special, or understands that you can just cook $75 worth of meat in the backyard and have leftovers for a month.

Afterwards, Kyle, Chris, and I went to Chronos over at the Trylon, a touching movie about a grandfather who finds a gold ornament that starts to turn him into a vampire, and his granddaughter who will kill to protect him.  Oh yeah, and there's Ron Perlman.  I think it was a better follow up to all that meat than bowling or golf.  Resting was the right idea.

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