Saturday, July 06, 2013

Abe v. T-Rex

I recently unloaded about fifteen of my old bicycling t-shirts from various events.  Both because they were getting older and because they're too big and I feel like I'm swimming in them (says the man eating a huge bowl of chocolate chip ice cream).  We even saw one of them hanging at Goodwill when I went looking for a turntable (and instead walked away with some silver dishes) yesterday.  In order to revitalize my wardrobe, I've been watching for a few shirts that capture my particular sense of humor and nerdy interests.  I have a Doctor Who shirt featuring a Tardis with an owl on the corner which matches one I purchased for Eryn.  But I also have this new shirt where I didn't get Eryn a matching version.  Abe has the upper hand here because his arms are longer.  And he's really mad at T-Rex for knocking off his stovepipe hat.

Perhaps there's a metaphor for the Civil War in there somewhere, but that had nothing to do with my rationale for buying the shirt.  Kick ass Abe!  Definitely a good choice of wardrobe for RAGBRAI, although it would have been better had Abe been flying off his bicycle to confront the dinosaur.

That reminds me, dinosaurs and bicycling, did you hear Lance will be on RAGBRAI this year?  I bet the lady who was crabby at me for making her miss Lance while she fetched my soda last time might be a little more forgiving this time round.  My favorite comment on Facebook about the big discussion whether Lance should attend or not, and it was a heated exchange, "Why don't we just refuse those who drink or have a DUI while we're at it?"  Touche'  There are people on RAGBRAI who can't walk by the time the ride is gearing up between 5 and 9 a.m. because they're still sobering up.  Many of them get a ride past the first batch of hills to start the day.  While it's not exactly straightforward comparing the Tour de France and RAGBRAI, or casual riding and riding for millions of dollars, or minding your own business during a ride in Iowa and pressuring others to dope internationally, in the end it's just a big bike ride with pie and pancakes.  Leave the politics and the grudges at home.

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