Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stone Arch

Sunday we went to the Stone Arch art festival and car show downtown.  My father in law often shows his car there, so we check out the cars, find Eryn a snack, and have a family lunch/dinner (and get my wife some jewelry, at least this year).  It's also a good chance to see a lot of coworkers, as no fewer than five of them were there.  At one point, I saw a coworker I didn't know, but recognized and asked, "Do you still work at [My Company]?"  The woman next to him in the line looked at me and said, "Why yes, I work in creative services."  That's right.  There were so many coworkers, they were standing next to each other in line amongst thousands of people and didn't even know it.

This isn't of art or cars or the Stone Arch bridge, but it's a nice photo from near the Avanti II I was looking at.  That's a weird car.  It looks like it's driving backwards.

I like this picture because the sign says not to walk on the street.  I'LL DO WHAT I WANT!

And we walked past this wall on the way to the festival, near the Metal Matic warehouse.  This wall is at the rear of where my wife and I lived on University Avenue and is famous for being the hill and wall where Dan'l tumbled down and hit his head while peeing drunk one night - while...we're pretty sure he tumbled through his own urine given his smell - and then stumbled inside to where Kyle, my wife and I were hanging out with some story about being jumped by a gang of frat boys.  I think it needs a plaque.

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