Thursday, June 13, 2013


My new bike trailer lasted exactly one trip, and then this happened.  You'll note, as I did after I removed it to put a small patch on it, that I would need forty or fifty patches to really get it functional again.  I'm at a loss to explain how my tire exploded while it was just sitting there in the garage, and in such a violent manner if the rip is an indication.  Could be a car ran into it while it was against the table.   But there are no scuff marks on the wheel.  And it's not like it's been particularly hot in the garage, not to mention I underfilled them on purpose for the first trip.

All I know is that on the first really nice day when it's my turn to bring in treats, my trailer was useless.  And it's not really possible to haul two dozen donuts on a bike rack with other work things unless you want one extremely large donut by the time you get to the office.

Lesson learned.  I shall be stocking a few spares so I'm better prepared.

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