Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Murder Mystery

I haven't blogged in a while.  My grandmother died, so I've been running silent.  I'll post a few things about her funeral and some pics from her photo albums soon.

Last night Ming's family and my family went to a murder mystery event at the Spaghetti Factory downtown.  In my opinion, it was a bit difficult to eat and solve a mystery at the same time, but it was fun to have a bit of theater running in the background and it gave us something to talk about while we were eating.  Ming knows my opinion about the quality of food at the Spaghetti Factory, so a murder mystery was a nice distraction.

One person at every table was given a binder full of progressively revealed information in order to play a character in the mystery.  I was Rhett (the) Butler.  I hated working for Master Neil Burger.  Disliked his friend Bob, who called me Jeeves.  Was on the verge of quitting buttling to pursue a career in CSI.  And was well aware Neil's wife Summer was cheating on him with Bob.

It was my job to answer questions as best I could and wear this nice hat and, at the end, testify that I had used my toxicology investigation kit to determine that Bob had been poisoned using blowfish poison.

Eryn was jealous of my selection as actor, but managed to land herself a gig as one of Hazel Nutt's cats.

Ming, his wife, my wife, and Logan, were all in charge of interrogating various characters and coming up with the written rationale for who they thought done it.  They were wrong, but they had a lengthy write up to justify Team Apong's suspicions.

I won an award for my acting ability.  Primarily this involved being really loud because everyone else was annoyingly quiet and making up the fact that I had an iPhone app for doing my toxicology work. Poor Summer the wife asked me for my name so it could go on the certificate, but I thought she was trying to wheedle a confession out of me so, you can't see it, but the award is for Rhett the Butler who goes by "Bob".  An appropriate use of quotation marks.

A fun time, although we probably could have just done a family event at someone's house, ala D&D, and saved a lot of money and enjoyed some more interesting food.  I think I could DM effectively.  It would be excellent to cast Kyle as an angry Irishman.


Larry Rubinow said...

"In my opinion, it was a bit difficult to eat and solve a mystery at the same time, ..."

This is why Rex Stout sold so many Nero Wolfe books.

Scooter said...

He was that guy who wrote for A&E, right?