Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel

Eryn very much enjoyed the Superman (Hopeman, after all, it's a Kryptonian swoosh, not an English S) movie.  I could have done with a bit less fighting - quite a bit less - and a lot more story telling.  I'm an iconoclast, and I believe almost every movie can benefit from improved technology and the overuse of computers, but there are a number of things I preferred about the Christopher Reeve version.  Not least, that it didn't destroy some of the "rules" about Superman that have been inviolate, at least in film.  I won't put the details here for spoiler purposes for my friends.  If they really need to see what I'm talking about, they can follow this hop.

There were a number of nods to Superman lore, such as throwing in a LexCorp tanker and a Wayne Enterprises sattelite.  They weren't exciting, so much as they were distracting.  Worse than that was a whole Christ motif that included faux shirtless semi-crucifixion and explicitly stating his age upon saving the human race from Zod was 33.  And I was annoyed that Earth wasn't ready to handle the appearance of an alien - it was too easy of an explanation for too much.  Disappointing.  Read that link at nods to Superman lore for so many tropes and bits of junk that you'll be surprised even if you sat through the movie already.

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