Sunday, June 16, 2013


My grandma passed away a few weeks ago, just before she turned 98.  Her goal was to make it to 100, and we were all sad she didn't make it to a big shindig with all the family like we'd had for 95 and 90.  My cousin and aunt and mother cleaned trailer while my sister and I tagged along to the conservation office for fallowing land, the lawyer, the accountant, and the bank (and the funeral home).  And a lot of dinners.  Although if you've seen one dinner in Sidney, Montana, you've seen them all.  Not a lot of culinary diversity.  Just not a lot of diversity at all.  While I was spending the night in the trailer - a short night thanks to the roofer at the church who starting shingling at 6:00 a.m. in the rain - I took some pictures of the pictures in one of the albums.  They're not great, but I wanted to get them out here for my sister and any family that wants them.

Grandma and Aunt.

Grandma with my Aunt and Uncle

Allison with Grandma in 2002.

A card I sent my grandmother that she kept (I think she had all her cards from ever).  It's disturbing that I didn't comb my hair until I was four.  Particularly as I seldom have to comb it now until the end.

My grandpa and grandma at the Williston Amtrak station, which is how Allison and I got to Sidney and back.  On the way back, we met someone from Kenmare waiting at the station, just down the road from my other Grandpa in Donnybrook.  She didn't remember much of Donnybrook, but told me she liked small towns and the dances, like when she'd gone to the dances outside of Sidney, Montana, in the early 80s.  Which means we were likely at the same dances as it was just down the road from my grandparents' farm.

Dinner with my folks among others.

This was probably her 95th or 90th birthday party.

Excellent picture.  My cousin says this was down in Tucson.  They look pretty happy.

The picture of Don and Madeline I always think of when I picture them.

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