Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feed My Starving Children

One of Eryn's classmates had a birthday party today.  We were all invited to Feed My Starving Children to package meals.  The kids are a little slower than adults usually, but they still packaged 58 boxes, or about 12,000 individual servings, for Thailand or Haiti.  I was originally on warehouse duty, folding boxes, swapping containers of rice and vegetables and moving packed boxes around.  It was a bit overcrowded in that department, however, so I switched to putting expiration labels on food bags.  It made me have flashbacks to labeling continuing education flyers for the nurses' association bulk mailings.

The second part of labeling a little boy joined me, age 6. He was a lot of fun and did a great job and made it go much faster as he was chatty.  We talked extensively about family and friends and school and after a while got around to the fact that his scooter turned into a Transformer, but it wasn't nearly as big as his father's Transformer.  That's right...his dad has a transformer bigger than a full-sized scooter.  His dad also lost the kid's Star Wars character on the video game console and claimed those that were left as his own.  The kid stated it was very mean.  I couldn't disagree, but lamented the general fallibility of computers.  And then we got to favorite books.  He told me his favorite book was about fish and scuba diving.  I asked if he wanted to be a diver or work with fish when he was older and he assured me he liked fish, but that the important part was that the book talked about Jehovah.  Pausing in his labeling, he leaned forward across the table and earnestly asked, "Does your daughter Eryn understand about Jehovah?"

I avoided the discussion on a technicality, and assured him Eryn did understand who Jehovah was.  Then we went right back to talking video games, soccer, summer activities, websites, and first grade.

Here's Eryn with her classmates/friends discussing the setup.

Ditto.  See that dress to  the right with the British flag on it?  That's a Doctor Who themed dress.  Very cool.

Food packing has started.

Eryn was in charge of soy.

My wife was in charge of bag sealing.  You had to be 18 or older. Here's someone younger than 18 explaining to her how it works.

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