Sunday, June 23, 2013

And it's sort of scary in a gun culture...

Why would I spend $7.99 to buy a t-shirt from Target that advertised Target?  I figured that's what the one star rating was for, but the low rating is actually because it's a men's shirt that doesn't appropriately fit women.  Go figure.  I'm not even sure I'd pay $.99.  If I'm shopping at Target, and this shirt is available to me, it should be because they're handing them out for free and hoping I wear it at Walgreens, Walmart, or CVS.  Not that I ever go to Walmart.  But at least with them I have to go to My Walmart Wear, a separate website, to get a Walmart logo-ed shirt.  And it looks like I have to be an employee.  Which is sad for its own reasons.  Uniforms should be free.  Not that I can't buy logo-ed shirts from my own company.  But lately they've been doing a good job of bestowing all manner of t-shirts and dress shirts on me as long as I volunteer for hiring fairs and charity events and embrace casual work week.

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