Friday, May 10, 2013

Fish Creek

Yesterday I had most of the day off (courtesy of my company's donate two days to charity program) to ride in a school bus over to Fish Creek in Maplewood to plant trees.  We had a team of thirty-six, most of us from one of the acquired companies that's housed locally, to plant 500 choke cherry trees.  The Nature Conservancy bought the land and hosted the event, sending a rep to plant trees with us, and Maplewood provided trees and tools.  The city is buying the land from the Conservancy, but is cleaning and reforesting and planting prairie grass prior to ownership.  500 trees is a LOT of trees.  I have a pretty achy set of muscles this morning from digging holes and porting around mulch.  The uneven ground and hours-long use of a shovel and all sorts of squatting made itself known in my hip, although not in a horrible way, just an ache.  When we were done it looked like the gopher from Caddy Shack had been at work.

No sunburn.  It was a steady drizzle the whole time, so I came back to work muddy and wet.  But it did make it easier to dig.  And it didn't keep the woodticks away despite their late start this year.  I didn't have one, but a mass email warning went around after the event to state one had been found and we should do spot checks when we had the chance.

When our team lead posts some pictures, I'll grab one for an update.

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