Monday, May 20, 2013


Yesterday, we headed down to my father in law's (and mother in law's) studio at the Q'arma building to check out Art-a-Whirl and see The Sudden Lovelys perform outside the 331.  We succeeded in the first goal, including watching my father-in-law sell a painting, seeing lots of pottery, seeing my mother-in-law's beginning of a silk scarf, checking out all the old church stuff for sale, ala Pickers, bumping into my father-in-law's old flatmate who recently moved his glass studio, and finding Eryn a huge bag of six flavors of cotton candy that she managed to eat all in one sitting (with some help from Poppa).  What we didn't succeed in doing was going to see The Sudden Lovelys because the skies opened up and poured rain.  I braved it just long enough to buy the last two egg rolls from Rainbow under their tent just outside Q'arma, but after that we were done for the evening, despite their assurances there was a tent.

I bought Eryn a neat little glass penguin for her birthday party at the end of the month.  I felt pretty sneaky buying it under her nose without her noticing.

I did enjoy seeing this piece of sculpture (the same artist does metal mesh penguins and seals and a very cool metal mesh rhino with a wood horn) so close on the heals of the Almanzo 100.  It looked like something Kyle, Ming, and I could have all pedaled together.

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