Tuesday, April 02, 2013

It's Moving Time!

Not It's Business Time!  It's Moving Time!  Aw yeah, girl.  Tomorrow, we're going to move.  You know how I know?  Because it'll be Wednesday.  And Wednesday night is the night we move.  It's moving.  It's mooving time!

But there won't be any sexy sock dancing and it took longer than 2 minutes to pack.

To be anticlimactic, I'm not switching homes, just offices.  And at my place of work, one office looks pretty much like any other office.  Although this is a downgrade in my opinion because I'm moving from my nice, quiet, out of the way space (except for the guy who forgot to leave his gun at home incident) where I sit with a lot of former team members who have different information about my product than I get anywhere else, to an office on a main row near the elevators next to testing.  I'm worried that fact alone will deduct 10% from my productivity.  That's an awful thing to say, because to quote all management everywhere, we're all part of quality.  But it works much better IMHO when the testers are embedded with the teams, not separate and worried about their own capacity and being matrixed across projects.

Here's my packing job.  I considered reviewing what I packed - I think some of it is just there to remind me to update my resume as it includes historic files from up to 13 years ago, things I can't even remember I once did - but I'll do that on the unload.  The syrup is being kept separate because I don't want to have to clean a box full of syrup.  I could put it in the box that's full of napkins, cups, bowls, plates, and plasticware, but I know if it spilled, the whole box would just go to the trash.

I put a sticker on Mike's chair too, although I'm not holding out hope they'll move it for me unless I remember to give it a shove into my office tomorrow night as I leave for the day.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to move the mugs that were left.  I placed a few again, but there are still a number left as you can see.  Before I left today I dropped them all in a box (carefully).  It will just encourage me to finally sneak them all into appropriate cubes.  I have someone picked out for the Wonder Woman mug on the left end.


Larry Rubinow said...

On the "we're all part of quality" theme -- according to the C-building entrance flatscreen, security is everybody's responsibility. I look from that screen across the lobby to the guys behind the security desk, and I wonder what we're paying them for if I'm responsible for doing their job.

Maybe I'm just responsible for helping them do their job. And if that's true, aren't they responsible for helping me do mine? Can I assign them some JIRAs? Can I get them to do software QA? Will they bring me coffee?

Scooter said...

You should do that. It'll make the code reviewer's job very interesting. Assign Nick. One of my co-consultants on the large proprietary XML database project was a forklift driver in bindery before coming over to tech. And one of the coffee baristas back in the day became an employee. So it's possible.