Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eryn and I go to Denver and Sidney...Her Report, 2 Years Later

I found this on my iPad today when I was taking notes.  I noticed there were a few things that were something like 767 days old.  That's weird to see.  Makes it seem like it happened forever ago.  One of the documents was Eryn's homework for her teacher explaining what we had done on our vacation to Denver and then driving her Great Grandma back to Sidney.  She did a pretty good job for typing on an iPad on a train in the middle of the night with an ear ache when she was barely eight.

Five days ago,my Dad and I flew to Denver,Colorado.  We met my grandma, grandpa and great grandma at the hotel La Quinta once we got in Denver.  We took a shuttle to get to get to the hotel.  I walked my great grandma's dog and after we went to Oskar Blues for lunch.  After that my Dad tried to go on a beer tour at a place called the tasty weasel but you could not go on tours on Easter.  The next day my dad got to go on the beer tour  at Great Divide.  I liked to watch the bottling machine then we went to Casa Bonita for lunch. I got a flasher when we where there.  We also saw divers at Casa Bonita. 
The next day we said bye to my grandma and grandpa we drove, and drove stopped for lunch drove some more and got to Hot Springs.  For dinner we went to All Star and the wings were the best ever!  We got a room at a Best Western and I got to swim!  The next day we went to the Mammoth Site.  We saw mammoth bones,tusks,and teeth. 
We also saw a sink hole inside the building.  I got a stuffed mammoth there and then we drove lots more and got to Medora.  I got a dragon in Medora.  We stayed at the Badlands hotel.  They had a really cool mini golf course that unfortunately I did not get to play on.the next day we got to sidney,montana and to my great grandma's trailer.  Later we set up my great grandma's garden.  We slept in her fold-out bed and then at five p.m. We went to the train station and my great grandma drove back to her trailer.we got in our sleeper car at seven,had dinner with another family,and then went back to our car.   
I played with Ipad for little while then went to bed,woke up in the middle of the night with an earache,went to the bathroom,my dad and I went to the View car, went back to our car,and went to sleep.  When I woke up my ear was all better and we went to breakfast with another person and then we went back to our car,got our stuff,and got off the train in st.paul.

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