Friday, March 01, 2013

One Stop!

I noticed this while pulling coupons out of the local paper the other day.  While non-surgical options are always preferable if possible, having the procedure done by a magician poking his magic wand at your hemorrhoids seems dubious.  And that wand looks like the tip isn't solidly in place.  Probably because it has some magic scarf secreted away.  Bad enough that you might go home with an itchy wand tip lodged where the sun doesn't shine, but pulling an endless train of multi-colored handkerchiefs out of your rectum the next time you visit the porcelain?  That's uncallled for.

And who does both hemorrhoid care and nail fungus treatment?  Wait for it...someone who treats people with a foot up their ass?

Someone over at Deviant Art did a fine job of Seussifying that idea...

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