Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inappropriate Snail Mail

Dish TV says I'm spending too much on TV.  They can save me $942 if  I remember the innards of the letter correctly.  If they're serious about it, they can send me a check for $942 and then not charge me for service at all, because that's the only way I know that they can save me $942 compared to the $0 I now pay for an antenna.  I believe we told them we were ditching them in favor of an antenna because they weren't willing to negotiate.   Good job with your data system and targeted marketing there chuckleheads. 

Maybe they're worried I'm culturally suffering from not having cable.  Or that the $40 or so I pay for a show or two on iTunes to keep Eryn happy is too much for getting exactly what I want instead of everything but what I want (no Doctor Who on Dish).  Still not sure how that translates into possibly saving me $942 unless they think I'm buying dozens of shows.

1 comment:

CookieQueen said...

I am looking forward to the day when I can get similiar inappropriate mail from DISH.