Monday, March 04, 2013

Cube Beautification

One of my coworkers recently moved closer to my office.  And then immediately went on vacation.  So while he was out of office, I spent a few minutes each day decorating his new cube with pictures of him, one of them singing a Taylor Swift song, and lots of strange mugs.

I was asked, "Did you bring all of those mugs from home?"  No, no I did not.  I had to admit that I had all those mugs in my office and it was a crime of convenience.  Thanks to Kyle and my mother, those were merely a third of the mug collection I once had squirreled away in my office.  Unfortunately, he had it all ripped down before I got in.  Troy was right; I should have set up a webcam to capture his reaction so it could be preserved.  He lamed me for his nameplate being upside down as well.  Something that couldn't be fixed without a screwdriver.  But despite all the other changes, that one can't be attributed to me.

1 comment:

Kyle said...

The cluster of heart mugs up by the monitor is a nice touch.