Thursday, March 28, 2013

Biking Season 2013

My new-ish bicycle, parked outside work for the first morning this year.  No trailer yet.  Didn't seem necessary.  I'll get it hooked up this weekend in case I need it.  It was cold enough out that I could wear work clothes and not worry about sweating through everything, even with fleece pants and a ski jacket on.  It did create a potential problem for lunch because we were all going out with Sean for his second-to-last day as a contractor, and bicycling to lunch is slow, but Sean gave me a ride in his classic (e.g. cheaper) Jaguar.  Nice lunch - we did the all you can eat sushi in Eagan.

The only big issue on the way to work was the ice on the trails.  Over by Glacier Hills, on the hill, there was enough ice that I just started louge-ing at one point.  Scary if you're on a bike with a laptop on your back.  The bike is great.  I'm not exactly shooting along at top speeds, but it was a replacement for my mountain bike and carries me along at a comfortable 10 mph, just like the mountain bike did.

Amusingly, or disturbingly, once I got to work and swapped from my leather boots (thank you internet for recommending them as appropriate footwear) to my brown dress shoes, this fell out of my dress shoe.  50 weeks later, and I'm still finding safety glass from the Mustang.  I didn't keep this piece.  I have my bag full of glass and a picture is sufficient.

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