Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This is a picture of the office wall closest to my head at work.  That's a bag full of the Mustang glass from the accident, including the piece I picked out from between my teeth (despite assurances from everyone it wasn't there) after being in a coma.  Any time I'm feeling a bit ornery at work, these pieces of glass do a great job of getting me back to a state of calm.  There's not much anyone can do that's worse than the accident.

I'm not generally the type to need mementos (an organized serial killer type).  Most days I'm fairly well grounded in the larger scheme of things.  But I find these surprisingly useful.  They remind me of the hospital and how miserable I felt, both physically and mentally, worrying about my family and whether I'd be bicycling and/or walking and trying not to hurt.  Puts everything else in perspective: everything else in a space relative to the accident.  On a continuum, that pushes everything else to the far end of the spectrum, or makes the spectrum so large that they appear to be stuffed up against the end for meaningless minutia.

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