Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Death of Christmas

At one time, I considered photographing all our ornaments.  But there are a lot of them.  Too many.  We add 3+ per year, so there isn't enough time. Ever.  However, I will be keeping track of those ornaments that die a horrible death during each season so they can be remembered forever.  Their passing may be due to broken strings and no standard eye to rethread.  Broken or shattered bits.  Plain old ugliness.  Or a failure to ever remember why they were sentimental in the first place.  If you gave us the ornament and you're irritated that it has been retired, remember, the cat broke it.  It wasn't our fault.

It looks fine, but all the edging is worn off.  You wouldn't give a present wrapped that way to a friend, so you shouldn't hang it on your tree.  All you think about is a shabby Christmas.

Poor jigsaw Santa.  His hat defined him.  Now he's just some fat man trying to hug children without their permission.

He probably should have died 20 years ago.  He was just persistent.  He's been punched in his eyes made out of coal so many times they've become diamonds. Who puts legs on their snowmen?  That's not even in the Frosty cartoon or Doctor Who Versus the Snowmen.  Maybe I should have painted icicle teeth on him and added a snowglobe nearby and told Eryn it was a Doctor Who theme.

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