Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Passing the torch (for the tree)

This year Eryn decided she was in charge of setting up the Christmas tree.  She's familiar with the color coding scheme involved in our fauxvergreen, and she's plenty tall, so she didn't want any help. As a bonus, she's much more conscientious about bending the ends of the fronds so they're fluffed out and ornament ready.

Level one!

Getting taller.  The glasses had to come off.

The top!  She does still need the step stool.

The tree.  Not yet finalized.  I'm sure my shoddy lighting work is evident in this picture when you check out all the non-lighted gaps.  Our old lights are slowly burning out and I'm too lazy to fix them by investigating them one at a time, so I moved to some LED lights last night but didn't get enough.  Two strands was at least one strand short, maybe more.  And I still have to remove the old lights.  Some rework is necessary.  But I'm on agile projects, so this is just Iteration 0.

That large package is the very first Christmas present under the tree.  I ordered it early, so now Eryn has to look at it for a month.  It's driving her a bit nuts.

Here's Eryn at work:
and stage 2...

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