Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've been entering Coke Rewards points since my accident as I couldn't really do any charity work that involved a ladder or lots of walking for a while.  So instead, I kicked up four rewards accounts and attempted to make a dent in the giant box full of caps in a cube at work.  Pictured is my own box, which I'm trying to empty for the second time.  At least anecdotally, I'm having an impact.

I've entered 7440 points so far (2480 caps).  Most of them for Northview Elementary.  If I use a $50 gift card (2000 points), that's about 2.5 cents per cap.  If I switch over and use an LED TV, it comes down to like 1.2 cents per cap.  And a TI-83 calculator, six tenths of a cent per cap.  You'd think school stuff would average higher.  If you go with the classics, like a TF-500 basketball, you're back up in the 2.2 cent/cap range.  So overall, I've entered $162.44 worth of caps so far this year, which took about 62 hours (about 15 minutes to max out a 120 point account, e.g. 40 caps), or $2.62/hour.  Ouch.  Maybe I should just get a minimum wage job one hour a week and donate the proceeds?

I get the added benefit that the caps are recyclable at Aveda and stay out of the environment (in a bad way), but my caps are barely a dent in the 56,000,000 they'd collected by 2011 - I'm .004428% of the total). So many they're not taking new schools on.

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