Saturday, October 06, 2012

Kickstarter - Mercury's Curse

If you like Kickstarter - I'm a big fan of funding board games and non-mainstream movies and music through Kickstarter - Erik Hykas is looking for funding for his book, Mercury's Curse.  It's the sequel to Tritium Gambit that I read back in November.  For only a dollar ($1) you can fund his writing and get a digital copy.  If you're worried about authors who get Kickstarter money and don't finish their work, you have my honest assessment that the chances of this happening with Erik are about 1 in 5,000,000.  Or whatever the odds are for dropping dead in the next several weeks.  He's incredibly driven, so the only thing in his way is his bus factor.

Mercury's Curse is the sequel to Tritium Gambit. Max and Miranda continue their work as agents for the Intergalactic Secret Service, a job that frequently ends in death, dismemberment, and smells you can't wash off.
On this mission, Max and Miranda are sent to a Chicago mansion to attend the unveiling of a new technology. What begins as a whodunit, turns into Miranda's quest to save her partner, and best friend, Max. 

You can get to Mercury's Curse on Kickstarter here.  Funding ends on October 31st, so give him a treat in his bag and fund him a dollar.

And watch his video, but quit about 50% of the way into it.  He hates that.

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Unknown said...

After this post, I went from 32% completion rate to 26%. I owe it all to you. Thanks for your support! I think.