Monday, October 01, 2012


This morning I was wandering the cubes in order to put some mugs on team member desks.  I had this idea to put thrift store mugs on everyone's desk over the next few weeks.  Kyle and my mother have been helping me find appropriate mugs - upwards of 40 of them by the time I'm done - from Arc and other locales.  While I was at the desk of one of my leads, I was accosted by a number of fruit flies.  I looked around, and was confronted with this, the remnants of last weeks free fruit.  They're leaking all over his papers.

I shouldn't throw stones.  During our previous era of free fruit, I once stuck two bananas into my backpack, along with Klund's book on Perl Regular Expressions.  One banana came out.  But not the other or the book.  Much later, I pulled the book out to return to Klund, and it came out sticky soup of melted banana and an overpowering rotted banana smell.  I bought him a new book.  But I still have his old one downstairs with a brown stain all over the bottom.  Gives it character.

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