Monday, September 17, 2012

Who Says

Yesterday, after getting back from St. Peter, we rushed through the burrito line at Chipotle and hurried to The Garage in Burnsville by 7:00 p.m. for Eryn's guitar gig.  When we got there, the parking lot was empty.  We didn't have the details with us so, after testing the door, we drove back home to see what was wrong, assuming we had the wrong location or wrong day.  Instead, we had the wrong time.  I'd told my wife we needed to be back before 7:00 so we could go, but it was practice on Friday at 7:00, the actual performance was at 3:00 p.m.  I felt awful.  If possible, worse so than missing her birthday because I was in a coma.  She looked so sad. It's about the only event I haven't entered into my phone calendar since...I don't know since when. I entered everything into my calendar. And you might think entering 7:00 p.m. into my calendar wouldn't have fixed anything, but it would have forced me to read a bit more carefully.

We went out for ice cream at Ring Mountain to distract her, and it worked a bit, although she was still disappointed. She did sit down and belted out the tune she's been practicing for the last month, "Who Says" by Selena Gomez. I said I wanted to put it online so her cousins could see her play.  Eryn says she wants some voice lessons, but she's doing a great job actually belting out the song and getting some voice behind it, and she gets better as she warms up and relaxes. She's not shirking and mumbling. And it was a performance for guitar, and she's doing great there. I really enjoy watching her fingers as she plays. I'm not very good with a guitar, and I'm jealous of her strumming and how fast she can flip between chords.

I told her that at least she has an easy song to practice for her next performance.

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Anonymous said...

I'll say it again: our kid kicks ass on the guitar. I can't believe how fast she got to this point! I guess it's her instrument, eh? -PTW