Monday, September 24, 2012

The Ramp is No More

My Dad was here last weekend with his enormous truck and an offer to take all my 4x8 pieces of plywood up to his giant dumpster at the cabin where he's dumping all the garage construction debris.  So the ramp is gone, along with yet one more toad and a two mouse nests.  I was mean to the mouse nests and they are now mulch.  The toad I was nicer to and John helped herd him off to the side where he wouldn't get hurt.  The 2x4s under the 4x8s smell of mold.  I can't open the trash can where the odds and ends from them are without holding my breath.  Nasty stuff.  The 4x4s I kept as they're treated and I can turn them into some sort of Summer of '12 Memorial Planter and Garden.  Maybe I'll put my cane and toilet bars out there to grow some vines on.

Remember I said my friends built it to last with more nails than you might expect?  This is one of my favorite pictures from ramp deconstruction.  The crowbar was instrumental in prying a few of these apart.

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