Sunday, September 02, 2012

Pumpkin Cache

While I was at PMP training this week in Edina, I took the opportunity after eating lunch to go looking for a cache.  There were a couple within vague walking distance of Benchmark Learning - e.g. less than half a mile away and possible to reach and return before training restarted.  While it's not very impressive as caches go, just a small container in a pine tree, I though the surroundings were pretty cool...

You can see the cache tree from here.  This is a city park and someone planted a whole pumpkin patch at the end of the park near a large stand of trees.  It's obviously getting close to fall given the size of some of the pumpkins in the patch.  I think the cache should have been in the patch, maybe in a fake pumpkin, although that would have meant re-hiding the cache at some point.  Still, pretty cool to have a pumpkin patch so close to a cache - not something I've encountered before.

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