Friday, August 31, 2012


Today was my last day of PMP certification training over at Benchmark in Edina.  I've been there all week earning the 35 credits necessary to take my test.  While I don't intend to be a project manager, I've always wanted to know the terminology and process as it intersects with my work so much.  Doesn't make any sense to me to work with a PM constantly and not entirely understand how they do their job.  Great class.  The group I was with, particularly the onsite folks, were a personable bunch and it kept class light and fun despite spending all week talking inputs, outputs, tools, and formulas.

I'm not taking my test until November-ish when Ming is ready, so I've got some time to prep and memorize. Tomorrow I'll be drafting myself a blank chart so I can practice for the next sixty days in addition to reading the books and taking the tests.  And I need to fill in my application this weekend.  That should be a no brainer, just a time sink.  But it's the equivalent of a CV, and I don't exactly have that up to date either.

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