Wednesday, May 23, 2012


While we were at the impound lot signing the car over to the insurance company and picking up personal effects, we took some pictures of the Mustang.  This doesn't quite capture how messed up it is because virtually every electronic bit in the front area was busted, and other parts in the "cab" were all bent.  But it's a nice series for capturing the damage to the driver's side, where I was sitting and how that spilled over to the hood and rear panel.

Side photo.  You can see where the other car's bumper impacted.

Closer up.  Note all the pieces in the back seat from the rest of the car.

The front of the car.

The impact shattered all the loose bits.

Looking at the damage, I'm think I'm lucky to be alive.  If I had still been driving the plastic Saturn, I think more of the impact would have gone into me directly instead of being distributed across the body of the car.

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