Saturday, May 19, 2012

Science Fiction

I posted this link once before, to the user-defined list of favorite science fiction books over at The Guardian from mid 2011.  Today I was looking for a few new things to read and reviewing top 100 lists to see if there were some classics I hadn't read.  What I hadn't noticed in the Guardian list before was this gem about halfway down the page.  1.) I don't think I'll be adding this to my top 100 unread. and 2.) I don't think The Guardian proofread this list very well.  Feel free to make up your own Three Laws of Cocksmanship.  But I recommended leaving the "no harm" law in place.

Book: I, Rimbot
Author: Isaac Assimove
Comment: The sheer amount of cock, even for the sci-fi genre, is spafftacular. I watched the film first, which didn't have nearly as much cock. By God, I love the cock in the book.

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