Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My wife's maternal grandmother died recently after a long battle with Alzheimer's.  Monday we went to her ceremony in Brooklyn Park at St. Alphonsus' Catholic Church in Brooklyn Center and her internment in Osseo where she was buried next to her husband, Richard (Grandpa Dick).  It was a wonderful ceremony, and my sister in law did a great eulogy that really captured what it was to know Nomi for a lot of people.

I remember Nomi from when I first started dating my wife (and right after we were married).  She always impressed me with her ability to give me a hard time when she thought I deserved it (and I did).  And she was smart and clever and fun to know.  I still remember visiting her at Rudolph's BBQ. One of my disappointments is that by the time we had Eryn, Nomi was far enough into Alzheimer's that they never really got to know each other.  Sort of the opposite of my grandmother Madeline who's been able to spend a lot of time with Eryn traveling between Tucson and Montana and at great grandma birthday parties.

My sister and brother in law loaned us their station wagon, so I was able to go to the ceremony because we had enough trunk space for the wheelchair.  Very much appreciated.

We saw a lot of friends and family we don't see very often, not even on Christmas, which was nice.

Here's Eryn in front of the church.  The neck jewelry is something I got for my wife forever ago, but she always thought she was too pale.  Eryn doesn't have that issue.  You can't see the pearl hanging from it.  She really wanted to look beautiful and dressed up for Nomi's funeral.

I didn't take many pictures at the funeral - that never seems ok, despite how nice everyone looks and how it's something everyone wants to remember because everyone is there to see a loved one off.  Although I do have one of Tyler looking at tombstones that I'll send to his family.  But my wheelchair was parked right in this spot where I could see two tombstones that said Scott.  Last name in this case, not first.  But still a bit freaky given the extent of my accident.  And Nomi lost her husband Dick when she was 42.  So I gave a bit of thought to how that could have been my wife in almost exactly the same situation.

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