Monday, May 28, 2012

Catching Up

Despite being in a coma and a car accident, I believe I'm catching up with some of the miscellaneous things in life.  Things such as getting a week of Snarkies queued up, including one about the bus factor that ties to my accident (Mean Mr. Mustard gave me the idea, although he probably doesn't know it).  Those wouldn't seem like they require a lot of work, but between modifying the images, coming up with new ideas, creating content now that we're worrying more about SEO, and adding all the little image and textual bells and whistles to optimize keywords, it's some work, at least when you queue up five at once.

And reading.  It's end of May, and I have about 1300 pages to read by end of June to be on target for what seems to be my median of 14000 pages per year (except the year when I became a manager and almost gave up reading for six months while I struggled to understand the job).  Given that averages to about 1200 pages/month, I should be about on target, particularly as I already have about 300 pages behind me between two things I'm currently reading, one of which is over 500 pages.  While it might seem obvious I'd read more, being stuck in the basement, enough to make up for my time in the hospital, the real issue is that I didn't know if I was reading as much as in the past because I hadn't updated my database since the end of last August.  So I just moved it to Dropbox so I could always find it and updated it with about thirty books.  Trying to remember when I read them is a big challenge.  I believe I may be off by a few days here and there.  I still use the database, despite also playing around with Goodreads, because some things, like reading the Harvard Business Review issue end to end or a random story off Interzone don't work so well at a site dedicated to books.  I have refrained from putting my own book on the list a.) because it's not done (140-some pages currently), and b.) I wouldn't know how to input the fact that I've read it half a dozen times already in various stages.  I believe it'll get entered just once, when I get done and publish it.

Tomorrow is bill day.  Talking to various folks about accident-related bills and insurance and taking care of rental properties, etc.  To every day there is a thing, turn turn...

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