Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kinnickinnic Caching II

As I mentioned earlier, Friday was a big geocaching day.  Boss and I found 36 caches.  At least I found 36.  He found 37 with the one I pointed him to in Prescott.  We did our caching at Kinnickinnic State Park in Wisconsin, which may be the very first time I've ever paid to cache.  And out of state visitor fees at that.  It cost us approximately $0.33/cache, or half that if you count each cache twice because there were two of us.   We noticed Bobcam hadn't been there until recently, which seemed strange, but it was my hypothesis that he's a nonresident as well.  If you do like 30,000 caches at .33 each, that's $10,000!  That's a semi-expensive hobby.


Despite it being mid-March, the park was beautiful.  Very nice for hiking.  I only found one wood tick.  Yep.  Wood tick. You heard me right.  Little Scony bloodsucker.  Isn't it disturbing that such an idyllic setting has a dark side?

Our first cache was a multicache with a phone.  This was next.  Bear with a butt plug.  I kept the highlander keychain.  That's the coolest swag I've found in quite a while.  I left behind oodles of beads.  Not the usual plastic zombies I leave behind, but I have this giant box of caching stuff to unload for which I've swapped zombies in the past, so it's time to put it all back out in the woods.  If you see topless women running around Kinnickinnic, you can thank me.

We did two mystery caches.  Usually those are evil and difficult and may even require access to the internet if you have to figure out the years of the movies of all the Bond girls.  But I researched these before we went, and they involved reading a plaque.  Boss was quick to point out that Clyde L. Butch Wolf was only 54 when he died, which meant we had a mere decade left.  I think he was killed by a tick.

The other mystery cache plaque.  It seemed brand new, and yet someone had already tried to carve a heart in it.

F the law!  I do what I want!  You don't own me!  And we got away with it too.


Near the park plaque.  The view for which the park is famous.  In Wisconsin circles at least.  Almost looks like something you'd see in Oregon.

Monkey paw!  Make a wish!  I wish I find the next cache and that it's not down a steep, muddy, hill, into a scary ravine, and then up an enormous, muddy hill infested with nasty brambles, only to find a trail right next to it when I get there.  Stupid monkey paw.  Didn't work for s***.

Near the overlook.  We got off trail after this one as well.  General rule of thumb, if you're climbing extremely large hills, you're probably doing something wrong.

Except this hill.  This is the "easy" hill after taking the difficult way to find the cache at the bottom. I'm not sure if you can appreciate it from the photo, but we had to take two microbreaks on the way up.  I blame the elevation and thin air.

Down at the bottom is the St. Croix river.  It has an inlet for swimming which doesn't get much water flow, so it was still frozen.  Enough for these geese, but not for us.  Looks a bit like a glacier.  I'm not sure what the geese were up to - mostly just staying away from us.

To be continued...me on a toilet, any way to the box, and Moe the Sleeze.

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