Saturday, March 17, 2012

Caching - Kinnickinnic

I had Friday off to make up the holiday I never took, so The Boss and I went caching at Kinnickinnic State Park near Prescott Wisconsin.  I believe we found either 35 or 36 caches - I haven't tallied them all up yet.  Basically everything you can see in this picture, including the multicache and the two mystery caches, and the letterboxing cache.  Just not that one that's across the St. Croix River out on the peninsula.  See it - right out there - that one on the dingle.  That one is probably for boaters, not your casual walking around in the woods cachers.  The multicache was interesting.  We spent quite a while poking around with the phone in the first stage trying to figure out what to do, only to realize after about five minutes that we weren't supposed to be looking IN the phone, but at the number pad.  Duh.  It was a good multicache, as we didn't have to travel far away to find the second stage.  It's also about the only cache I didn't take a picture of with my phone.  I'll post some more pictures tomorrow, but below is a nice panorama of a few of the interesting bits.

You'll either have to squint, zoom in, or wait for the individual explanations.

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