Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daddy Daughter Sweetheart Dance

Despite being obnoxiously ill, I went to the Sweetheart Dance with Eryn.  Which reminded me that I was rather ill last year when I went.  But at least I get to share my annual illness with lots of kids, which makes it all worthwhile.

There was dancing.  If you're a 2-12 year old girl, dancing involves bouncing up and down.  Having been to a few college parties and watched MTV, I know that this works for 18-24 year old women as well, although for different reasons.  For us white, middle-aged dudes, it's much more complicated.  There was the shuffle step - back and forth, feet touching on each side.  There was the minor bounce - basically a bending of the knees.  There was the hands in the air, ala Ronald Miller in Can't Buy Me Love (oh yeah...Dr. Dreamy had a past and I saw it in a big physics auditorium in Troy, NY).  There was the arms up and down.

The following image is an animated gif.  If you click through, you should be able to see the arms up and down.  Which should distract you from the fact that I'm in a hula hoop contest.  Little girls in a hula hoop contest - it's on until they have to raise their arms and then stick them out to their sides.  Dads in a hula hoop contest, the winner is the tallest one who starts his hoop the furthest up his body.  True dat.

See that suit jacket?  The dance cost me $300.00.  Since losing weight, I haven't bothered to replace any of my high end dress clothes.  Fortunately, there was a two-for-one sale.  Reminded me of the last time I switched jobs.  I think my mother may have bought me the last suit I own.

There were activities other than dancing...there was the toilet paper contest.  I didn't have to participate in this one.  But in my defense, I was probably the first dad on the floor for the hula hoop contest.  The goal here was to wrap your dad in as much toilet paper as possible. Yum.  Picture courtesy of Eryn.

There was cookie frosting.  After I got done with my cookie, Eryn pointed out to me that the cookie was a ballet slipper, not a car.  Boys.  She's lucky I didn't frost a gun.

Eryn frosting her cookie and looking very old in her fancy dress and pearl necklace.

Afterwards, we did our annual trip to Ring Mountain - not that we go to Ring Mountain once a year, but we always go there after the Daddy Daughter Dance - and they had Chocolate Chili pepper on tap!  An excellent evening, particularly as there's a quart of chocolate chili pepper misered away in the downstairs freezer at this very moment.

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