Monday, January 02, 2012

Things I'm learning about Fable II...

Eryn's been playing Fable 2.  It has an MA rating.  We figured we could just walk her through the risque parts and explain the birds and bees.  But I've been reading on line, particularly as I watched a humorous scene the other day where Eryn's spouse kept basically calling her a fame whore and divorced her.  This involved Eryn chasing her husband down a path in the woods and offering him a diamond ring repeatedly, while he initially spat back snarky comments about how much she preferred glory to being married to him, and then just ignored her and stood around in the woods.  I was interested to see if this was a normal part of game play, and came across some game advice:

"In Fable II there is no safe way for lesbians to have sex, the game forces you to have unprotected sex. This results in a high number of STD's on your tracked stats."

Apparently Fable II has a rich environment full of loving relationships:

"My wife hates me in fable 2 i think...? the reason why i say this, my one wife which is in the city after you go to the spire, i married her (she is one of the hookers) and when i try to have sex with her she ignores me and walks away. Also when i give her gifts or do expressions they hardly work. even though the family description says she wants sex, she is it a glitch or what? and how would i solve it."

Yet, strangely realistic:

"Spouses keep track of how long the player has been married to them, they will occasionally make remarks on the length of a relationship. "Do you realize, we've been together now for three years. People said we would never make it this long!""

At the moment Eryn is downstairs playing Call of Duty MW3 with a shotgun she tricked out herself, and my wife already gave her the "this isn't like real war, in real war people would be dying or dead at your feet, and there would be blood, and soldiers with PTSD, and alcoholism, and dead civilians, and children, and pets," until Eryn looked like she'd curl up and cry, so the MA portion of that game has been acutely clarified for her.  I think Fable II just has a more nuanced and varied set of MA issues to worry about.

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